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Rumor Has It A Rod Cheated On Madonna With Model Melissa Britos

According to on-line gossip mongers, baseball star A-Rod might already be cheating on his girlfriend says Madonna.Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez, Cynthia Rodriguez that only recently finished a nasty divorce battle with ex-wife, reportedly has been noted that with Melissa Brito time model.
8.12.08 18:40

Jessica Simpson Announces Pet Name For Romo

After the breaking of marriage vows his boy-band crooner Nick Lachey, Simpson tried to gravitate away from her ditzy, pop reality show person for half a year-long romance Grammy friendly with guitarist John Mayer. But while Mayer quiet, introspective temperament seemed perfect counterpoint to the crisp Simpsons, talk-before-thinking people, their love was not destined to last. Its been a long, tortuous road Jessica Simpson has traveled on his quest for true love.
8.12.08 18:40

How Oprah Saved Thanksgiving

Those Are Profitable Sale . ). Tindell said. Com. (Operations were monitored by a barcode on the coupon downloaded from Oprah. The discount Oprah added $ 4 million of incremental sales and doubled the average ticket, Mr. In November, the Container Store offered a storewide discount of 20 percent of Oprah fans as part of its exhibition Clean Up Your Messy House Tour On Nov. 12 was only supposed to offer the latest in a week, but the Container Store extended through week Ends Thanksgiving because of the stellar response.
8.12.08 18:40

Tv This Weekend The Amazing Race Ends Leverage Starts Disney Movies Saluted On Tcm

2. M. Yes, it sa series for our time. Sunday on TNT. This product caper good mood and emotions offers. Sunday on CBS. I wouldn t be surprised if this well-produced, invigorating reality competition wins another Emmy. This series draws Smashing Oscar-winner Timothy Hutton as a modern-day Robin Hood, leading a group of misfits who return to corporate villains. . The Amazing Race concludes another fast, globe-trotting season at 8 p. M. How good? I rank as among the best of fall new series, up there with HBO True Blood and CBS Mentalist. Lever debuts at 10 p.
8.12.08 18:41

Kings Of Leon Singer Admits Anorexia Struggle

Kings Of Leon frontman Caleb Followill admits he struggled with anorexia as a teenager, with incessant exercise and minimal food.
8.12.08 18:41


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